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Waterloo Billiard tables have been market tested through our Austin, Texas retail partner, Austin Billiards, since October 2011. Over a nine month period, we have sold 114 tables, an average of 12 tables per month. With the proven marketability of these tables, we are ready to take our product nationwide to dealers like you.

Being an American made product complemented with three piece, one inch thick, backed Brazilian slate, and most models priced well under $1,000 wholesale, our tables meet demand for a large segment of customers. Even with style, leg design and table drawer upgrades, our tables allow dealers to easily realize excellent margins with each sale.

Wholesale dealer transactions require a minimum order of five tables with advance payment. Credit arrangements may be extended on a qualified case-by-case basis.

Give us a call or drop us an e-mail and let’s talk about how we may work together to drive sales.

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Jim & Rell

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